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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Democracy Vs. Hypocrisy

Malaysia is nation that has put democracy in it high level. This been resemble in every 5 when the citizen been given chance to vote in general election. The people will given time to get know the candidates that participate in the election by several medium. The candidate use public speaking, poster, pamphlet and banner to spread their idea and promise to the public. This has been implemented in every general election and reflects the democracy practice in Malaysia.
But the irony is when the campus election in UPM does not allow student to campaigns using banner, public Conner not be all allow and no pamphlet to spread the information about the candidate. When the ministry of higher education said they want to produce student that had high soft skill, the act by UPM Administration could be question. The have prevail the student right to know to candidate and this will make them going out voting with empty handed. This is also a violation on the student right to practice their right to vote and denial their right to know and to choose the best candidate. I urged all student of UPM to seek more information in internet since where are lacks of information about this election. By knowing and have more information we then can choose the best people to represent us in the student council (MPP). Hopefully by our act our voice could be hear.



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